Enemy Dawn

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Still have questions after you download the game? FAQ

*How do I connect on it from Facebook? Go to your settings button in the app icon to configure/enable it to facebook.

*How do I Play? Go to "How To Play Button" to read the rules of the game. Then go to settings to change the controls if you like. It's automatically defaulted for control 1 option for tilt movement of your device. With tilt of your device the rocket launcher moves left or right. With a swipe of your on right side of screen you can aim rockets. With touch on left side of screen you can fire rockets. 
The second option is to use a joystick with fire button.
(See the Diagram Pictures)

Game play Demo http://youtu.be/al-sgiLi-Rg

*I don't understand the video or storyline?
The video and storyline is about Nazi Germany invading Poland in 1939 which triggered World War Two. The voices in the video intro is the actual audio of World leaders at that time.

*I paid 0.99 from the free version to full versions but the levels are still lock?
Even though you paid for full version, you must still earn points to unlock those levels.

*How do I confirgure Languages? From the home page go to settings and then language. It's supported in 4 languages: English ,Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.

*Is there a Android Version? Not at this time but we plan to in the future.

*What are other apps by Simplus Technologies Group?
The other app we created is Turbcast App for fear of flying. Turbcast briefly made top 100 in the Apple Store and was featured in the USA Today Newspaper.

*Where should I report a bug?
There is a button on the app for users to report bug problems. You may also send an email with the contact us page. If there is a glitch in the software or video try deleting the game and redownloading it. If that didn't work then contact us.

*The game is hard how do I win?
There is a cheat sheet on our blog (top of page) for tips for player.

* What is the game rating? +12 for fantasy violence.